Rogue Ranger - Sold

The Test Platform for the BOSS 3.0!

Here is the last picture...

This was the "Test Mule".  Our 1994 Ford Ranger Extended Cab Splash.  Factory 3.0L, 5 sp, 7.5" diff w/ only power mirrors and A/C.  With over 150,000 miles on the stock engine, it represents most all 3.0L's!  Mods include:

    In chronological order - Mouse over icons for specifics:

  • Flowmaster 50 Series Muffler
  • 180 T-Stat
  • Tornado Air Management
  • FuelMaster "device"
  • IAT Mod, 5.6K Ohm resistor
  • Throttle Cable Mod (not needed)
  • Trans Plug Mod/Rebush shifter
  • TB WOT Mod (butterfly at 90 @ WOT)
  • Sky Jacker 2" front leveling coils
  • Rear 2" lift blocks
  • 30x9.5 BFG All Terrain T/A's (80,000 miles!)
  • Rancho RSX Shocks
  • TPS Mod (Checked, Voltages good, mod not needed)
  • Port matched upper intake
  • MAF Mod
  • IAT Mod w/ 3 position switch (10K/OFF/5.6K)
  • 1/4" LE Phenolic Spacer
  • Walker Hi-Flow Cats
  • Ported and Polished Lower Intake
  • Angus 1.72:1 Roller Rockers
  • Accel 300+ 8.8mm Wires, 300+ Ignition and matching Coil
  • ASP Power Pulley
  • Mr Alternator 200 Amp Alternator, powder coated Red.
  • Relocated IAT, removed resistor
  • Ram/Cold Air box (home-brew)
  • MSD 6A and TFI Harness
  • Split-fire plugs scrapped because the gap wouldn't keep.
  • Ford Factory Platinums, .060" Gap
  • Custom 2 core radiator from "Go/Dan"
  • "Black Magic" Series 150 Electric Fan w/ custom mounts (Same as "Ranger/Bronco II" Flex-a-lite)
  • DEI 1"x3' "Heat Shroud" (to limit AC loss through sweating).
  • EVANS Cooling NPG+, 7PSI cap, Full-Flow 195 T-Stat, and all new hoses
  • 4.10 Gears w/ all new bearings, seals and synthetic lube (Smoked due to accident!!  Now 3.73:1)
  • TA Performance 7.5 Differential Girdle cover with carrier cap studs

    *Vehicle down for Accident repairs April '02*

  • CenterForce Dual Friction Clutch
  • All new clutch hydraulics from Ford
  • New Radius Arm Brackets
  • New Trans inputshaft, gaskets and "tweeked" internals to spec.
  • Rebuilt and Balanced driveshaft, new Spicer U-Joints and Center Bearing
  • New Transmission Mount
  • Synthetic MERCON ATF in Transmission
  • Performance Accessories 3" body lift (to clear the TKT "Frankencharger", See below)
  • Prothane Polyurethane Body Bushings
  • BBK 155lph fuel pump (made by Walbro!)
  • "Shackle Flip" Mod
  • Re-arched rear springs with an added full-length leaf (to recoup 2" lost in shackle flip)
  • Modified Ram/Cold Air system to increase air intake (Mesh in place of molding above bumper)
  • Replaced bed bolts (provided in lift kit) with Carrige bolts
  • 20 LED light from J. C. Whitney added to rear of topper (Old 2 bulb light knocked my noggin one too many times).
  • Lightning Audio 4 Ga wire (1862 strand) from Alt. to the Fuse Block, and Battery (Factory is 8 Ga, 19 strand!)
  • Lightning Audio (Bulk Contract Piece) 150 Amp Circuit Breaker to replace the factory 12Ga Fuseable Link
  • Exide 2Ga 42" "Top Post" Battery Cable (Stock is 4Ga).
  • Exide 2Ga 49" "Switch to Starter" Ground Cable (Stock is 4Ga).
  • DEI 1"x3' "Heat Shroud" (to protect starter harness).
  • Rebuilt entire primary wiring harness (upgraded) and rewired main fuse box.
  • Perma-Cool 450HP External Oil Cooler mounted, needs to be plumbed with 1/2"-8AN hard lines.
  • Perma-Cool 185f Oil T-Stat, mounted, needs hard plumbing with 1/2" tube.
  • TD performance single oil filter remote mount (Mobil 1 M301 filter), plumbed with 1/2 id hose.
  • DEI (Design Engineering Inc.)  "x3' "Heat Sheath" (to protect Oil hoses).
  • JBA Headers, Ceramic caoted (Black) from James Duff.
  • Eastwood "Satin Black" High Temp Coating, to cover the nickel plated "Y"-Pipe that really stuck out against the ceramic headers!
  • Herculiner bed liner kit and an extra quart on the rocker panels!
  • 1/2" G-10 Plenum spacer mounted with custom STUDS
  • 31x10.5 BFG All Terrain T/A KO's (Sweet!)
  • MSD-6BTM (MSD-6 and MSD-BTM sold on ebay to cover cost)
  • MSD TFI Blaster Coil
  • 19lb Injectors
  • Unique Wheel 252 Street Lock Wheels
  • Eaton M62 (GM 3800) S/C w/ Cobra 65mm Throttle Body
  • *Vehicle down for repairs July '03*

    (ventilated head gasket[s], sounds like a kazoo!)
    Back up on 20 APR 04

  • Pro-M MAF cal'd for 24lb Injectors and the Supercharger
  • New Optima "Red Top" battery
  • 4.0L SOHC MAF - much smoother idle
  • BamaChips 4 position SCT chip (Thanks Doug!)
  • ARP head studs
  • *Vehicle down for Whipple supercharger upgrade and lowering (4/5) APR '05*

    Back up Aug '05
  • CamCraft reground roller cam (280°/.464")
  • New water pump
  • New Timing Chain
  • Reburned SCT chip to handle the smaller pulley from
  • 30lb Injectors (matched)
  • MSD Wires (Custom built from MSD parts catalog)
  • Anti-Pump Up Lifters (High rev) from FRPP
  • Whipple Supercharger (modified 2002-2004 Ranger Kit)

Difficulty: = Easy, = a painful install, specititley tools, or very critical measurements required.

Outcome: = Poor Fit/finish or No Improvement, = Mild increase, = big increase, = Life Saver/Must do

Overall: = Ecstatic, = Very Happy, = Happy, = Not Happy, = Just say no...

What else?

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