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Why "BOSS" 3.0?

Well, I figure that since the 3.0L "Vulcan" engine (built at the Ford Lima Engine Plant) shares the same pedestal mounted stamped steel rocker as the BOSS 302, BOSS 351 and other famous Ford Engines, it deserved to follow the proud heritage!  (Besides, "SHOlcan" or "VulSHO" just don't do it).

Note:   This info is posted for public knowledge as a means to get 3.0L Vulcan Owners/Modifiers heads out of the sand.  It is not for reuse or reposting and in no way a means to recruit or solicit funds in anyway.  No parts or items are sold as "BOSS 3.0".

This is going to be a hybrid of 3.0 SHO® and Vulcan® V-6 bottom-end parts and BOSS 302/351 valvetrain parts.
"The hell you say!"   Look it up, it's a scary fact that has laid dormant since 1986.  I have already cracked the valvetrain secret and have started work on the bottom-end!

Are you ready for Mild/Stock roller cam shaft and STOCK push rods actuating stud mounted (or bolted), adjustable (or pedestal mount), 1.72:1 needle bearing roller rocker arms? What if they were pushing titanium retainers, E351 springs and 1.7"/1.5" valves?
How about a (conservative!) 6,667 RPM engine (3,500fpm piston speed) that works with all factory emissions equipment, is undetectable during a visual inspection, PASSES A SNIFFER TEST, and puts more power to the ground than a 4.0L SOHC?
If that doesn't get the heart pumping, SEE YOUR DOCTOR!

Stay tuned, because it is about to become a reality!  I will post the results of each step!

Phase 1: The drawing board

WARNING:  Currently this is pure theory (sound, but still theory).  Do not jump into this, or any other technical project, until you have checked the numbers, math and specs for yourself.  I will update this page as I get parts/numbers.
(Updated-05 Dec 2009)

My BOSS 3.0 Short Block (3.02L or 183CID)

I have abandoned the use of the Chevy parts as I aquired 3.0L SHO rods and pistons from eBay for $120!  This price is what I expected to pay for just the bearings!  Although the project was for an inexpensive engine upgrade, I will, as luck would have it, be using the most expensive parts conceiveable.  Isn't life grand?!

-Pistons: 3.0L SHO

-Rods: 3.0L SHO (Ford $663 ea!)

-Rod Bearings: 3.0L SHO (Size as needed) ~$30

-Main Bearings: 3.0L/3.2L SHO Clevite 77 (size as needed) $76

-Crank: 3.0L/3.2L SHO welded nose and tail to match the 3.0L Vulcan.  Destroked to limit compression to 9.0:1 with a maximum overbore.
For Standard Transmissions:  Machine the hole at the back of the crank to fit the Pilot Bearing you intend to use (Mustang 5.0 is close to the stock size and strong!)

Note:  The SHO flywheel end of the crank is different than the Vulcan and will require work to make it fit.  We are talking $500-$600 in welding, but a $1,500 custom crank is out of the question!

-Flywheel (Manual Transmission): Have machine shop match bolt pattern of crank to your flywheel (or see Kennedy Engineered Products). Use your cluch plate, disc, and TO Bearing. Highly recommend CenterForce Clutch Components due to 200+ HP!

-Flexplate (Automatic Transmission): Use SHO Flexplate, if available, drill convertor holes to match. Use you flexplate and have holes welded and redrilled to match crank end.

-Rings: Go for any high quality zero gap ring ~$150

With a used 3.0L/3.2L (interchangeable regardless of what you are told!) SHO Forged Crank and a competent machine shop, we're looking $800 for all the parts!  The machine work should cost less than $1,000 total (based on local estimates).  For a grand total of $1,800 for Top Quality Racing hardware.

Note: You can use stock replacement bearings, cast iron rings and cast pistons for any engine that is not using Nitrous Oxide or a Supercharger. This will save an additional $300 for the "cost conscious" engine builder. Don't expect it to put up with constant flogging!! That requires the high quality parts mentioned above.

Still working on the 4 Bolt Mains, found 16 possibilities (Milodon, Angus Racing). Just have to find 1 definate!

BOSS 3.0 Valvetrain:

-Roller Cam Upgrade (for pre '94). Keep your stock block, get Fords 3.0L lifter guides and retainer (no swaps available). Get the lifters from PAW ($89.95 for 12 versus $16.95 ea from Ford), drill and tap the block for attaching bolts. Done! (I am getting a pre-'92 block later this month to verify this info. standby!)

CamCraft makes cams for the 3.0L. If you need a roller cam, you have to mail yours in. For a roller cam upgrade, you will need a roller cam core to get the full benifits.

1.73/1.75/1.8:1 Roller Rockers, larger valves, 3-angle valve job, SVO351 Sportsman Springs w/105 lbs seated pressure, nylon valve stem seals, larger stainless steel valves (1.775" Intake, 1.5" Exhaust?). Ported and Polished heads.

200+ HP, 360CFM and 6,500+ RPM? I think it's right here!

Note: This information is 10 years old, and has not been updated - proceed at your own risk, links and parts may no longer exist.

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