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Thermal Spacers

...for Plenums and EGR (Coming Soon!).

-CnC Machined for a perfect fit.
-Keeps upper intake cool, incoming air is more dense.
-Adds to intake runner and plenum volume.
-100% compatible with any mod that uses the stock intake gasket.
-Turbo/Supercharger ready.
-This equals very inexpensve horsepower and reduced detonation!

1/2" or 3/8" G10 Plenum Spacers for ALL 1986-2005 Ford Aerostar, Probe, Ranger, Taurus, Tempo, Mazda B3000, Mercury Sable and Topaz vehicles equipped with the 3.0L Vulcan V-6 Engines that use "FEL-PRO" Gasket P/N: 93491, Victor P/N: 15404, Ford P/N: (will post) (VIN Engine Code "U").
And 1999-2004 Ford Rangers equipped with the 3.0L Vulcan V-6 "Flex-Fuel" Engine (VIN Engine Code "V").

Note: The 2003 Ranger/B3000 and 2002 Taurus/Sable have a composite upper intake, while this spacer will work with these engines, it is really not needed.

These are available in 1/2" or 3/8" G10, the EGR spacers will be available separately at a later date.

The 1/2" spacer requires longer bolts.  Check with your local automotive parts supplier for M8x1.25 threaded stock, it makes great studs!

E-mail me BEFORE you order a spacer to ensure I have one in stock!

1/2" G10 plenum spacer
$39.30 Shipped USPS Priority

Sorry, out of stock
None in stock, should have some soon.
3/8" G10 plenum spacer
$34.30 Shipped USPS Priority

Sorry, out of stock
None in stock, should have some soon.

The Manufacturing Process

Starting with the template (a factory gasket), the dimensions are programmed in to a CnC Mill and
Bingo! ... a spacer (Oh! So much easier than cutting them by hand!).

For the hard-core Do-It-Yourselfer's, make sure you use a respirator and work outside.
Phenolic is nothing more than fiberglass encased in a plastic resin
It will do NASTY things to your lungs!

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