For a cheap build up, (we will call the "Baby BOSS" or "BOSS-lite") use the best bearings and gaskets you can find, bore it .040" (3.543") and have the crank "off-set" ground as much as possible to increase the stroke (.010" offset = .020" increased stroke) and use .030" rod bearings.
While the crank is being turned, have him "Index" it as well (this ensures the throws are 120 apart, and all the same stroke, etc).
The entire assembly needs to be balanced (using everything he can fit on the machine from the damper to the flywheel/flexplate at a minimum with your finished rods and your finished pistons/pins).
Use a Camcraft cam (near stock duration, increased lift), his recommended valvetrain and add Cranes Roller Pedestal Conversion kit (for stock lift roller rockers).
Use "Silv-O-Lite" Hyperuetectic pistons for the 3.0L.
For HD Rod bolts use the 11/32" 289/302 ford ARP's and have the rods machined to fit (this may be a little costly, but is reasonable, considering).
The problem is the 5/16" bolts are .3125" and may allow the rod bolts to "wiggle" in the stock 8mm (.315") holes.
And, last, but most important!, Use Ford Aerostar Main Studs (vs bolts), but new ones only.
This combo will easily make:
Bore - 3.543 (inches) .040" over
Stroke - 3.34 (inches) stroked .020"
Cylinders - 6
This equates to:
187.6 Cubic Inches or 3,080 cc 's (3.1L) @ ~10:1 compression.
It will run!

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