"How do I keep my 3.0 from pinging?"

(Originally a post on the Ranger Power Sports 3.0L Forum answering a much worn out question.   I have updated it and provided additional links, so it has changed a bit from the original post.)

It has been described as "Pinging", "Clicking", "Knocking", "Marbles/Rocks in my engine" and a host of others...
What is it?  Technically, it is called Detonation.  Mr. Fixit has a good webpage covering it from a generic view point, but it isn't tailored to the 3.0L. While some are quick to dismiss this a an inherant 3.0L Vulcan problem, it isn't.  Not all 3.0L's do it!  I run 5 degrees adv on my timing and a supercharger with no issues at boost.  But that is with a big time cooling system, major ignition upgrades and a new MAF/Injectors.  

Ford issued multiple TSB's (Technical Service Bulletin) regarding "Spark Knock", "Detonation" and "Pinging" in the 3.0L engine.  The various TSB's state that the issues are:
DPFE failure
Coil Pack problems PCM programming errors '98-'00 (TSB Article 00-24-08)
Dirty MAF (TSB Article 98-23-10)
Excessive Timing (static or advance)
Improper fuel grade (All)

Let's start with the cheapest/easiest, and go from there:
If your vehicle is under warranty - STOP!, proceed directly to your Ford Dealer and have them correct it!
If not...
-Check your owners manual and be sure you are using the proper Octane Rating. - Correct next fill up.
-Check your MAF wires for oil build up (even if you do not have an oiled gauze filter). - Clean using electrical contact cleaner and a SOFT TOUCH!
-Check your timing (Pre-'95 only). - Correct as needed.
-Decarbon your engine. - See TSB 01-19-7 (for the 4.0L engine) and follow the directions precisely.
-Check your DPFE (Delta Pressure Feedback EGR) sensor. - If it is metal, crusty, powdery or old looking, replace it with the newer PLASTIC version.
-Check your Coil pack ('98-'00). - If the part number isn't "F5SZ-12029-A", replace it.
-Check your compression in all cylinders. - If it is out of spec, oil is getting in to the fuel mixture and causing MAJOR carbon build up.  Time for a rebuild (see next one also!).

If these don't work, you MUST pull the heads.  The inside of the combustion chambers are pretty bad on our 3.0's.  Between the SHARP edges and the rough finish, carbon builds up quick.  The 3-3.0L's I have personally broken open have had carbon POURING out of the cylinders.   It seems to clean off real easy, leading me to believe that a decarboning additive or water injection would work great (water injection being a long term solution), if you don't want to pull the heads. If you want to pull the heads, I recommend (as JoeB eludes to in the post) planning on what you want to do first.  If you are supercharging/turbo/N2O, open the chambers around the outside edges of the valves to unshroad them and reduce compression by opening up the chambers.  It doesn't take much, so you will want to cc the heads.  Get a DIY kit (or make one) and make all the chambers the same volume.  Stock is 47.1-50.1, 50cc is 9.33:1 compression, 47.1cc is 9.77:1 (theoretical), so you can alter the compression by over 1/2 a point and still be in factory specs.  This would be a perfect time for a real head gasket and some ARP studs, so I hope to have them soon... If you are just getting rid of pinging, polish them by removing as little material as possible. This will keep the compression up for N/A engines. Add new head gaskets and NEW head bolts (remember, "Torque-to-Yeild" is engineering speak for "Throw-Away") and you are all set.

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