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Installation Guide!
Do-It-Yourself Guide!
[said in your best Mr. T voice]

This is VERY slick!
  • The stock Mass Air-Flow Sensor (MAF) is disassembled and cleaned.
  • All air flow obstructions are removed, corners rounded and the interior smoothed for unrestricted air flow.
  • You get more bottom end and a nice "growl" around 3,000 RPM!
  • Note: This is just the MAF BODY.  Ford used 3-6 different calibrations on their MAF's each year,
    so a complete replacement is not practical.
  • "Other References" and " Sources".  (Heck!  Don't take my work for it, check some other sites out!

  • You use YOUR MAF electronics to guarantee that the MAF will function properly.
    Oh yeah!  This is far from stock!  This baby will void your MAF warranty and probably fail a "Visual"!

    See the Disclaimer for specifics.

    Installation Guide

  • 8mm Socket
  • Screwdriver Handle for Socket
  • Straight Slot Screwdriver (Optional)
  • Less than 30 Minutes time to install!

  • Let's get to work!

    -At the MAF, Remove the Air Intake Tube Clamp with screwdriver (8mm Socket and Screwdriver Handle works on most!).

    -Disconnect MAF Harness by pulling up on tab and sliding harness away.

    -Remove the 4-8mm bolts that hold the MAF in place.

    -Don't lose the gasket!  You'll need it later.

    That's it!  Assemble in reverse order.

    Due to backorders, this will not be available until 01 April '04

    Or DIY...

    Cheap and easy horsepower!
    Photos by A Schessler © 2000 and Author © 2000

  • T-20 Torx Tamper Resistant (or "Secure") Bit
  • Screwdriver Handle for Bit
  • Coping Saw, Hack Saw, Rotary Tool w/ cutting/sanding attachments (Users choice)
  • Various grits of sand paper/emery cloth!
  • Various files for smoothing
  • Light oil to lubricate cutting implement
  • Rags to protect are not being cut
  • Safe local to store MAF Electronics
  • 1 can of "Electrical Contact Cleaner" to clean MAF Sensor Wires
  • 1 can of "Brake Parts Cleaner" to clean MAF Body
  • 1 bucket full of hot soapy water to further clean MAF Body
  • Note:  Read this instructions completely before starting to decide what you will need.

    DIY Procedures:

    -Remove MAF as described above.

    -Remove the 2 T-20 Tamper Resistant screws:

    To save the screws for that all important "OEM" look you need to win restoration points:
      T-20 Tamper Resistant Bit, use a dental pick to remove epoxy in screw head, remove screws with T-20 TR bit

    If you don't give a rat's butt about the screws, you just want ponies:

      Hack saw slots in heads and remove with screwdriver.

      Or use a Dremel Tool to cut heads off, the remainder of the screws are removed with locking pliers.

    -Carefully remove the heated wire sensor and "O"-ring from the MAF and store in a safe location.

    -Remove the 2 T-20 Tamper Resistant screws (using same procedure) from the steel plate inside MAF. Discard plate and small screws.

    -Using Hack or Coping Saw (best), remove material between the heated wire tube and the base.

    -Remove upper internal screw boss.

    -Using Dremel or Files, smooth all cuts flush with surrounding areas.

    -Round off the 45 degree angle at inlet and all internal casting flash with files or Dremel Tool (use Sanding Drum attachment).

    -Smooth and polish all internals, DO NOT TOUCH the sample air tube, this can cause running problems.

    -Clean MAF Body with brake and parts cleaner first (to remove oil residue), then use copious amounts of hot soapy water.  Any metal shavings or dust left in sensor will be ingested during engine start-up and can cause serious damage!

    -Clean MAF Heated Wire Assembly with Electric Contact Cleaner, DON'T touch the wires, if they break, the engine will not meter fuel properly and may not run at all!

    -Reinstall MAF Heated Wire Assembly and "O"-ring into MAF Body using the original long T-20 Screws (and a drop of gray epoxy in the head of the screw nearest the radiator) or by using 1" long 1/4-24 machine screws, washers and lock washers.

    -Reinstall MAF in reverse order (stated above).

    Anytime you fix something that isn't broken, you run the risk of causing problems.  I'm not saying it will cause problems, just letting you know what MAY happen.

  • If you are using an oiled gauze type filter, more air through the sample tube means more oil on the wires.

    • Symptoms:  Hesitation or stumble when accelerating, uneven idle.
      Fix:  clean the wires with electrical contact cleaner regularly.

  • Heat makes the MAF connector brittle, tab may break.

    • Symptoms:  Pretty obvious.
      Fix:  Connector will stay in place with the tension from the seal for most uses (not during racing or off-road action!).  Replace connector by cutting and crimping or releasing each wire internally with a small screwdriver (preferred!)

  • "Check engine" light?!?!  Aarrgh!.  (AKA: "Malfunction Indication Lamp or MIL)

    • Symptoms:  Idiot light tells you that something is hosed up, engine runs like fecal matter.
      Fix:  Oops, you left the MAF connector off.  Reconnect same.
      If the connector is on, check codes.  A code 185, means you broke one of the sensor wires.  Replace sensor assembly.

    This war rages on!  I understand the MAF, it's interfaces and the consequences of "fooling" the ECU.  However, if the mod shows no signs of problems (improper fuel mixture, "idiot lights", overheating, poor mileage), and gives you a boost to boot, I'm not going to concern myself with "backpressure waves", "increased intake noise" and other "non-problems".  Why?  Because, sometimes "theory" is just that.  I'm not saying it is wrong, I honestly believe every word, it's just that the 'consequences' might not be all that dire.

    Example:  Everyone knows you need an equal length on your intake runners for maximum performance, and that they need to be "tuned" to the engine.  But when was the last time you saw one from the factory (other than the late 2.3/2.5 Fords)?  Look at an old V-8 4bbl intake, not even close.  But, they run fine...
    I'm sure there are forces which I don't understand at work, but as the old saying goes " no harm-no foul"!

    Just my 2¢...

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