Mission, Goal, Beliefs, Warnings and "Lawyer-ese"

Skip this stuff and get to the "Lawyer-ese"
Warnings?  What warnings?

Mission: To provide the best possible information on 3.0L Vulcan modifications. If the viewer doesn't have the time, patience or tools, I will offer an affordable means of obtaining that mod.

Goal:  A 3.0L Vulcan with 200+ HP, at least 25 MPG and still meet Low Emissions Vehicle (LEV) tailpipe requirements for the state of California (or 50 state levels for a '94).

Beliefs:  I list materials, tools and directions with each product because the best customer is an informed one. If it's tough, I let you know. If it's expensive, hazardous, dangerous or painful, you'll know before hand. If it requires special tools, it's in the list. If the product is used or rebuilt, it will say that a couple of times in the write-up.

I personally love the feeling I get when I'm testing a product that I made, there is nothing like it!  I try to pass that feeling on to each customer by:
Not offering crap for sale.
Not condoning stupid ideas.
Recycling every chance I get.

PLEASE: Return all cores!!  This keeps costs down and makes me feel better about this project.

Just because the "Big Guys" hire professional engineering teams doesn't mean it's a better product.  Engineers may come up with the perfect product, but the accounting office has more to do with the final product than anyone else does.  It's all about $$$, not here though.  I have a full-time job that pays well.  I do this because I love it!  Besides, the extra dough I make goes right back into developing the "BOSS 3.0".  So where would you rather see your money go?  Some suit's wallet or right back into a worthwhile project that passes mods and HP back to you?


Never remove a thermostat or install one lower than 180°.  This will ruin your engine in the long run!  This mod is designed to lower the temperature of the incoming air for more horsepower.  The 3 to 5 horsepower you may get are not worth it!

If you engine oil is not warm enough, it can't get rid of moisture and does a poor job of protection.  Always use a factory thermostat and reduce the temperature of your incoming air with ram-air or cold-air intakes and wrap the intake tube with insulation.

Never work under a vehicle supported by a jack.  Use jack stands and wheel chocks.

Always work on a cool engine to reduce the risk of burns and practically eliminate stripped bolts.

Do not remove emissions equipment.  Modern emissions equipment has no adverse effects on performance, the opposite is now true.  Poorly operating/disabled emissions equipment hurts gas mileage and performance.  Save yourself the hassle and potential fines, keep them in place and working properly.

Removing, by-passing or "gutting" catalytic converters is against the law and reduces backpressure so much, that the ECU can not compensate (especially on 96+) and trips the "Check Engine" light.  Your vehicle may sound better, but you will lose in the long run.


Affiliations:  I am in no way affiliated with "Ford", "Childs and Alberts", FEL-PRO". "P.A.W." or any other corporation.  "3.0L Vulcan", "BOSS 302" and "BOSS 351" are trademarks of the Ford Motor Company.

Emissions:  The EPA isn't joking around when it comes to modifications to emissions! I take clean air seriously myself. However, I can't afford the ridiculous fees required to get these items "50 state certified".  That means everything offered for sale in "Fredland" (EXCEPT the Blueprinted injectors and the electrical mods) are for "Off-Road Use Only".

Products:  I can't be everywhere at once.  Therefore, once I ship the part, it is your responsibility to ensure it is used in a safe and proper manner, in accordance with all local, state and federal requirements and laws.

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