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For all 1995/6 to present** Ford, Mazda, Mercury, Lincoln (Gas and E85)
Trucks/SUV's and All Focus vehicles!
(Click on the X3 image to go to SCT's Site).
**Email me for 2009-present Ford Gas Trucks to verifiy licensing.
Here is the SCT X3.  SCT has added a tougher case, more memory (to handle the larger 2007+ automatic tunes) and a backlit screen!  This workhorse is now even more flexible and rugged.

Please note: ALL prices are in USD for customers in the United States ONLY.  I can and have shipped internationally, but International orders have specific demands and higher shipping costs.
Sorry, I can no longer ship to Canada for the same price as US Customers.

Picture - X3 Flash Tuner
SCT X3 Tuner
P/N: 3000

e-mail me first...
Includes 3 tunes (basic), user controls, data-logging and "SWAG".  Ships in 1-2 weeks (based on tuning complexity).  MSRP: $479.  Rogue Custom Tuning's Price: $380!

If ordering custom tuning, send me your 4 digit ECU code by clicking the link (below).  I will reply within 1 business day, and let you know what I can do for you.   As an SCT Factory Trained Tuner and SCT Dealer, I can provide you with latest tunes, using SCT's latest software, Training and Equipment.  I ONLY tune with the latest SCT hardware, NEVER with "modules", chips or out dated equipment, ever.   I can do mail order tuning, but real HP comes from hands-on dyno tuning.  If you have a special situation, please let me know.

Let me know what modifications you have made to the vehicle since I can adjust any ECC-V variable!

Click Here to send me an e-mail request/quote.

Unlock a box
not returned to stock
AKA: "eBay Special"

Must be shipped to SCT (Ground), takes about 2 weeks total, does not include new tuning.
Vehicle Swap Service
(Unlocked, just swap VIN)

emailed files and software,
does not include new tuning.
3 Tunes.  Only with services (above)

In-House, 24hr turn around...
One week of e-mail data-logging support.  Only with Tunes (above)

In-House, 24hr turn around,
with my tunes only.
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