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...where does it come from?

Like anything else I do, it's wasn't on a whim...

The skull is based on the "Kennewick Man".  When found in 1996, everything we "knew" about the way North America was populated changed.  Prior to the skulls discovery (by accident), the "story" was that the first time that caucasoids made contact with the original North Americans was in 1492 (discounting the Vikings and other known interactions that were far  earlier).  It’s amazing how one skull can turn everything we "know" on it’s ear!

The gleam in the right eye is the "spark of knowlegde". The eye patch is the original "SCT Custom Tuning" logo from when I first became a dealer/tuner years ago.  It is also a link to my 20+ years of Naval service.  In support of numerous U.N. Resolutions against Iraq, the U.S. War on Drugs and the "War on Terror", I was a member of multiple U.S. Navy Boarding Teams, with over 200 Tactical Boardings in the "NAG" (Northern Arabian Gulf) and the Red Sea during Operations: Ernest Will, Desert Shield, Desert Storm and, Southern Watch.  Modern day bucaneers; scaling the sides of ships with freeboards from 10 to more than 90 feet tall, armed to the teeth.  Speaking of teeth, why is one missing?  This is to signify the bumps and bruises one collects doing this kind of work.

In any task, I believe you should arm yourself with knowledge, quality training and the best "tools" you can find, and don’t accept things are the way you’ve been told - approach things with an open mind, test, retest and verify.
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