Rogue Ranger

The Test Platform for the BOSS 3.0!

Here is a current picture...

Daily driver with over 156,000 miles on the original engine.

Stereo Mods include:
    (in chronological order)
  • Head Unit: Alpine CDA-7892 AM/FM/CD/CD Controller/XM Ready Receiver, 50Wx4 Very easySweet!
  • CD Changer: Removed for upgrade - getting an Alpine "630" 6 disk to have matching changers in both vehicles
  • Fronts: Polk Audio EX II Series EX572A (5x7" 2-way)Easy door panel pullHappy
  • Rears: Polk Audio EX II Series EX693A (6x9" 3-way)Tough, custom cut to 6x9 in., the extra bass is worth the workVery Happy!
  • Alarm: Omega Crime Stopper 745i2 Alarm w/ dual motion and impact sensorsSerious wiring, but worth the workHappy

The Explorer

(No cool name yet...)
Here is a current picture...

Our latest daily driver, a '98 Sport with only 51,000 original miles!

Stereo Mods include:
    (in chronological order)
  • Head Unit: Bone stock Ford "Dual Media" AM/FM/Cass./CD
  • CD Changer: Getting an Alpine "630" 6 disk to have matching changers in both vehicles
  • Fronts: Polk Audio EX368 (6x8" 2-way)Easy door panel pullBeing exchanged for EX368's as they don't have any real bass response, sound-stage is pushed to the rear
  • Rears: Polk Audio EX368 (6x8" 2-way)Tough, entire rear panels get pulled.Very Happy!
  • Sub-woofer: Clarion PSWFSU Camo' 100W - 10" SubTough, entire rear panel get pulled, serious wiring.Very Happy!
  • Alarm: Ford Anti-Theft - Upgrading to a remote starter.
All car electronics purchased from Crutchfield get $20 off your first order!  Use referal code: pe3du-uud6u-9tuyh ) Explinations:
Difficulty: Wrench = Easy, Wrench2 Wrenches3 Wrenches4 WrenchesToo many Wrenches = a painful install, specialty tools, or very critical measurements required.

Overall: Ecstatic = Ecstatic, Very Happy = Very Happy, Happy = Happy, Not Happy = Not Happy, Don't do it = Just say no...

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