"Dummy" Oil Pressure Gauge

Ever wonder why your Rangers Oil Pressure seems "Rock Solid"?

Picture of Oil Pressure Gauge

...well, it isn't.

It's a Lie!

It seems there is a TSB (93208 SEP 93 "Oil Pressure Gauge - Reads Low" ) that covers a "fix" for us terrible customers that complain about low oil pressure (in most '93 and later Fords).  To fix this, Ford decided to make your oil pressure gauge read mid-way as long as there was at least 6 PSI of oil pressure (doesn't that send a chill up your spine!).

There is a fix though...

First, pull the gauge panel (Torx 10) and on the back of the panel, there is a 20 Ohm resistor
(colored stripes red black black gold brown).

Dummy Gauge Resistor Picture

Jumper across it with some twisted wire and keep the panel out.  Replace the oil pressure switch (see location below)...

Oil Pressure Switch location

It is directly behind the passenger side cylinder head.  Just replace it with one of these:
Brand Part #
SMP (Standard) PS60
Borg Warner S334/S330
Filko OP-114
Wells PS-4
General OP24761
Niehoff AL133R
Price: About $9

...then verify it works.  If so, solder the twisted wire in place (effectively by-passing the resistor), and your done!  Not only does this give you a real time display of your oil pressure (in high/medium/low), it can help detect trouble before it's too late.  With the oil pressure switch, the gauge drops after you have dropped below 8PSI, too late if you are running hard at 5,500RPM!  This also allows you to add a REAL gauge (one calibrated with actual pressure numbers) in tandem with your dash gauge, just splice in the same line!

Idea from and more info/pictures at: Ford-Diesel.com

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