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VSS Mod!

Vehicle Speed Sensor ByPass!
Updated: 02 APR 2002

Brought to you (in no particular order) by:
BOSS 3.0, SPORTboundRANGER, lowranger92 and the wizards at Ranger Forum 3.0L Board.


    -I am providing this information for illustration and further understanding of the ECC-IV/V system only.
    It is only intended for OFF-ROAD Vehicles who's performance is hampered by the speed governor.
    (Your ¼ mile speeds won't pass 97, hurting your E.T., etc.)
    -You (the vehicle owner/operator/mechanic) are solely responsible for any fines, damage, mayhem, destruction, arrests, convictions, loss or liability incurred through this modification.
    -Never exceed the speed rating of your properly inflated/maintained tires.
    -You may void your vehicle warranty.
    -You may hurt yourself or others.
    -Speeding is illegal.

Other Potential problems:

    -Automatic transmissions lose shift reference and torque converter lock-up inputs.  Shifts may be late, labored or rough in "VSS Off" Mode.
    -Vehicles with the factory installed electric "Smart-Fan" have no speed inputs.  The fan may run at all speeds in "VSS Off" Mode.
    -Vehicles with an electric speedometer may lose speedometer function in "VSS Off" Mode.
    -The "Check Engine Light (or MIL) my illuminate in "VSS Off" Mode.  It will extinguish once VSS signals are sensed by the PCM.


    -Any 12V On/Off switch.
    -Automotive grade electrical wire, of the same gauge as the VSS+ line.
    -Automotive grade electrical crimp connectors, suitable for the wire gauge used.

    -Wire cutter/Crimper.
    -OR: Soldering iron, solder and heat shrink.


    -Quite frankly, if you can't figure it out from the drawing, you shouldn't be messing with it.
    Sorry if that seems rude, but this is serious.

The possibilities are endless!:
    -Install with a custom burned chip with No Rev-Limiter, and a 70 MPH Top Speed. Install a hidden (or key) switch for the speed, gives a "protected valet" feature.  Great if the kids want to borrow the car!
    -Nitrous Arm switch (2P/2T) connected with this (Nitrous Arm = No VSS)
    -Connect to a relay and use with the TPS (Voltage >4 = No VSS)
    -Connect to the WOT Relay (WOT = No VSS)

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