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Works on every vehicle with an OBD-II J1962 port - Not sure if you have one?
Well, if you vehicle was built after 1 January 1996, it is REQUIRED to have one.
Some vehicles were using the ODBII port as early as 1994.

Most people aren't aware that MANY dealerships reflash your PCM, without the owners knowledge or consent,
as a "service". Little do they know they risk disabling your vehicle completely.

Don't be next - this simple device fits snugly on your DLC port, blocking the operator from connecting any cabling.
It removes with a simple "tug", but is clearly worded: "DO NOT REFLASH, CONSULT OWNER"

No service manager can argue as to fault here.

If your vehicle can run with the factory tune, I HIGHLY recommend gaing back to stock a few days before going
to the dealer, this way the P1000 code resets. If you can't, make sure the dealership stays away from your PCM.
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