Ranger Modification


Do I have a 7.5" Rearend or an 8.8"?

Can I adjust my timing?

What is a Hot Water Bypass?

What is a Phenolic Spacer?

How many Horsepower is my engine rated at?

How many Horsepower do I have now?

Why does my back right tire spin and the left one doesn't?

How can I beef up my 8.8" Rearend?


7.5" or 8.8" Rearend (Differential)

The Ford Ranger came with 2 different Rearends (or Differentials). The Number refers to the size of the ring gear (in inches), and, in our case, the differentials get stronger as the numbers go up. USUALLY, the 7.5" rear is for the older 4 cylinder and 3.0L V-6's and the 8.8" comes on 4.0L.

You most look to be sure!

The 7.5" cover is oval shaped, flat on top and bottom with the sides rounded.
The 8.8" is flat on all 4 sides with rounded corners.
If there is no removable cover and studs poking out of the front of the differential, you have a 9" (not factory and not lkely!)


Can I adjust my timing?

If your vehicle was built after '94, it is not likely. Once Ford installed the DIS (Distributerless Ignition System), the user could no longer change timing without resorting to an aftermaret chip.
If you have a distributer and a coil (with only 1 plugwire attached), you should be able to advance your timing for more performance. On the '94 3.0L, 18 Degrees BTDC is a good start. If detonation (pinging or spark knock) occurs, RETARD YOUR TIMING until it stops, if you do not, YOU WILL RUIN YOUR ENGINE!

See your Factory Service Manual on how to check/adjust your timing.

For the '94 and earlier 3.0L this is what you do:


Hot Water Bypass Mod

In 1998 Ford changed the upper intake and throttle body on the Ranger and add a heater hose fed hot water jacket to the throttle body area. This warms the incoming air for better fuel atomization and better mileage. But it causes "pinging" on hot days and reduces engine power. Here's the fix! A must if you are doing a Phenolic Spacer!